BK&TC Live at Golden Dagger 3/10/22

BK&TC on ‘Meanwhile in Chicago’

A live set we taped for our favorite Chicago talk show.

Live at Cafe Mustache Duo Performance:

Throwing back to a stripped down duo performance Maria and I did at a fundraiser for my play “Fairfield is Beautiful.” Mounting that production with Zach Hebert directing stands out as an exciting pre-quarantine live performance memory. The most recent time the full Truancy Club band performed also happened to be at Cafe Mustache. Love that venue and can’t wait to be on their stage again soon. Stay up on what Mustache is up to food, drink, and streaming entertainment-wise at

Fairfield Is Beautiful

A play in two acts, written by Bret Koontz and Directed by Zach Hebert. Full cast/credits on youtube:

Live at Hungry Brain with the full band and Head:

Performing “Lonesome Rambler” live on BUG.TV in Berkely!

Music Video for “Walk” from low light trades.

Live Performance of “the Stickman” (from low light trades)  at Peanut Gallery.

Music Video for “Ruthless” from low light trades.

Petri Dish Image, Ltd.

GOOD GRAVY (a musical)

Cool Memories on Giant System

Below is a feature I shot on a pawnshop Handycam for almost $0.00.  But Mother, what a yarn!

At Brain Frame

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